Paul Dateh

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Paul Dateh,美国音乐家,毕业于南加州音乐学院。
Paul Dateh
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Paul Dateh简介

起初,Paul Dateh只是专注于小提琴,他的小提琴学习开始于四岁的时候,看起来Paul Dateh未来的古典小提琴事业是板上钉钉的事了,但是在他来到南加州音乐学院的第一天,Paul Dateh突然放弃了他的小提琴表演专业,转而报读 Jazz Studies program,然而,居然有人放弃自己14年古典音乐训练然后开始学习一个全新的音乐学科,这个让人难以理解的决定震惊了他的同学,但是Paul Dateh知道这就是他想要的,不只是做一个古典音乐家,他的目标是音乐家,在每一个可能的方向。
今天,作为一个歌手,一个获得赞誉的作曲家以及乐器演奏家,很显然可以看到Paul Date正在轨道上一步一步实现他的目标,在一些主流音乐以及地下嘻哈音乐圈里都可以了解到他的作品,目前他和他的乐队The Live Movement正在美国各地进行表演。

Paul Dateh原文

Originally, Paul Dateh was only supposed to be a violinist. Beginning his violin studies at the age of four, it
seemed that Dateh’s future in the classical industry was set in stone. But, on his first day at The University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, Dateh suddenly dropped his major in Violin Performance and enrolled in the Jazz Studies program, instead. The move shocked his colleagues as it was hard to understand why anyone would walk away from fourteen years of classical training to begin learning an entirely new musical discipline. But, Dateh knew that he wanted to be more than just a classical musician; his goal was to become a musician, in every possible way.
Today, as a singer, an award-winning songwriter, and an instrumentalist, it would appear that Dateh is on track to achieving his goal. His work can be heard on releases by various artists within both mainstream and underground hip hop circles, and he can currently be seen performing throughout the United States with his band “The Live Movement”.[1] 
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